Found a thing

I managed to get outside the Casino and flew outside to a rather, strange place.

Outside Casino

Strange spot in the distance so I decided to fly there.

After getting close.


Looking around.

Flew to other box not much there.

Other bad angle.


how did u get out of casino

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I believe the last one is the unloaded condo lobby.


I know you could get out of the casino by leaving the elevator before it all loaded in but that was a couple updates ago. Not sure if it still works

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msg me plz

You can stand on the edge of the elevator where the door closes, then you get teleported inside the closed door and you can fly out, if it gets patched you can always just use potions to get out

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where is the door at?

There are no doors. You can get here by glitching out of bounds or by noclipping.

That tunnel’s been there since the closed alpha, I don’t remember when it was added though

i meant the door shown at the picture, where is it at?

underground near the transit station iirc, you can’t access it normally, and it doesn’t lead to anything.

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