Forums have become slow?

Since the forums have been updated i am struggling to load into any topics or the main page itself, i checked and i am able to load other websites in seconds?
i don’t know if this is something happening with the forums rightnow or just on my end?

also i live in england so that possibly could be affecting it?

(im really unsure which category this should be in so if it is in the wrong one then can a admin or regular change it)


I’m also experiencing some problems. It’s not registering that I’ve read a topic, from new or unread.

I’m pretty sure the service they use to host the fourms auto updated, so we’ll have to wait for Mac to fix it.

Yeah, there are UI differences as well. Looks like Discourse, the forum service/base/platform, has updated.

We host and update Discourse ourselves.

I believe the slow down is related to the latest version. Or you need to reset your browser cache.

it seems to be ok now
i think there was heavy traffic on the forums with the new Discourse since it turns out lots of people were getting long load times and the same problems as me

but all ok now, at least for me

I think it was still setting up the database cache actually.


ahh i see
well at least it seems to be all good now and fast again
even though there was a few hours of mayhem caused by it hehe