Formula for Canvas Scale

With the update recently hitting steam, I deciced to figure out the best way to use the new manual number entry feature on the canvases to get just the right aspect ratio for your images. The way the sliders work is a bit odd. Basically, the game takes the value on each slider and adds 1/3 to it to produce the final scale. Through a bit of mathematical tinkering, I created this formula to help find the appropriate canvas scale for a given image resolution. This way, you don’t have to eyeball it anymore.

Note: this formula does not work for images with one axis greater than 4x the size of the other

Let N = Scale to use with shorter axis on canvas.
Let Rs = Size of shorter axis in pixels.
Let Rl = Size of longer axis in pixels.


Be sure to set the longer axis to 1.0 for this formula.

If you’ve hit the bottom of the scale all slider, and you want to scale your canvas down even smaller with the x and y sliders without losing the aspect ratio, add 1/3 to your x and y values, scale the sums down, then subtract 1/3 back out of the scaled numbers. Just try to keep your small axis value out of the negative numbers.


This is great! Thanks, this makes things so much simpler. :smile: