Forbidden Item Zones for Condos

It would be cool to be able to create zones where we can ban certain items for owner-designated zones for condos.
This can allows us to create some parkour (platforming) or puzzle areas for visitors to play.
Sure, we could make an instruction object to ask them to remove the items, but it also kills the opportunity to reward players with new areas for their achievement.

Not that they would cause much trouble, but it could so be useful for those who don’t want some players to use size potions to glitch through walls to reach unintended areas.

There seems to be already some type of system that is being used to some areas in Plaza servers (e.g. Casino banning guns, or bowling area banning jetpacks), so I don’t supposed it would take much to implement something like this.

It could simply be an item that the owner can place as an invisible cube or such to create the forbidden zones.