For the casino and condos, Greedy Greedy

#(I originally requested for this to be deleted, but people are sort of liking the idea, so I’ll put it back to how it was.)
Greedy Greedy is more commonly known in Second Life (yeah yeah) and it’s a surprisingly fun game to play.

Copying and pasting off of this page, I’ll explain to you how to play the basic game of Greedy Greedy.

Game play begins with the first player to be seated. The seating arrangement is not important, the game will skip empty seats. If you stand up during the game, you will be skipped. If it is your turn when you stand up, game play will automatically be passed to the next player.

Each player starts their turn by rolling, and then must choose dice of point value to keep by clicking on them and either keep rolling for more points, or end their turn and add what they’ve earned this turn to their overall score. Selected dice will turn red, click them again to deselect. Blue dice are scored dice from previous rolls and cannot be changed or unselected.
At least one die of point value must be kept from each roll.

Dice cannot be added to dice saved as points from previous rolls for an added bonus. Dice are scored on a per roll basis.
You must score at least 1000 points before you are considered ‘on the board’ and can end your turn. After you are on the board, you can end your turns with as few points as you choose.

If you manage to use all six dice, you may reroll all six again and continue accumulating points.
If Speed Play is not enabled, then the game is over when a player goes over 10,000 points. When that happens everyone else gets one more round to beat them and you must roll until you win or bust. If Speed Play is enabled, the game ends automatically after 8 rounds (after everyone has had a chance to roll 8 times), and the player with the highest score wins automatically.

Players can hit the stop button before they roll to pass their turn if they wish.
You must select the dice you wish to keep and be scored even if you do not intend to roll again. The game makes no assumptions about what dice you might wish to keep when you press stop.

Once a game has been won, anyone may press the RESET button on the board to begin a new game. All current players will be unseated. During gameplay only the board owner or an administrative user may reset the game.

Scoring works like this.

  • Three or more of anything counts as points, 3 twos is 200 points, 3 threes is 300 points, and each number after that doubles it’s current number. So 4 threes would be 600 points, 5 threes would be 1200 points, and so on.
  • The only number the previous rule does not apply to is ones, three of those start out as 1000 and double with each extra one. so the biggest single roll you can make is 6 ones, worth 8000 points.
  • The only numbers that are worth anything by themselves is the 1 and 5, ones are 100 points each unless you have 3 or more, fives are 50 points each unless you have 3 or more.
  • Special: 3 pairs (e.g. 2,2,5,5,6,6) is worth 1000 points and a straight (e.g 1,2,3,4,5,6) is worth 1800 points. There is no ‘small straight.’

There are other game types of Greedy Greedy, but you can go and click on the link to get an explanation of what they are and how they work. Now, in Greedy Greedy, there isn’t exactly a way to earn money, or in this case, Units. But what I was thinking though, is that you could just get a set amount of Units after winning a game of Greedy Greedy, or to get into the game, you would have to have a minimum of 10,000 Units (because that’s the max score amount). And the person who would win would get the amount of points everyone had at the table, in Units. This would fit into the gambling category, which would easily fit into the casino. So, thoughts?

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why exactly do you think that is a shit idea? Doesn’t sound THAT bad tbh.

Yeah this isn’t a bad idea at all, I’m all for more dice games. :game_die:

This game isn’t actually from Second Life. It’s been commercially available as Farkle since 1982 but is thought to have originated hundreds of years ago. I’d personally love to see this in TU.

YO that’s why it looked so familiar, I got a little set of dice for Farkle at a shitty white elephant party.