Flight Items

Other than the jetpack i would want to see other flying items in the game like parachutes and hangliders. Maybe even a plane.

If you cant fit most items in the lobby it could always be a gamemode with the milestone being compatible items.

And yes i did play pilotwings recently.

Seeing as there’s going be different ground movement options, like roller skates and such, I’d love to see some aerial additions.


I really like the idea of a hang glider but maybe it’d work better with a wingsuit.

But where in the plaza are you even going to use it?

The jetpack alone is super limited and I can’t see any use out of a parachute or hang glider anyway, because you really can’t get to any height worth using said items.

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I’d assume that it would primarily be used in the expanded ocean (once that gets made, of course).

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I’d like some Dragon or bird wings to fly around with.

The item has it limit.
be on the top building Imo
I was thinking he wanted B.AS.E. jump

omg! it would be awesome to parasailing around the ocean!!! using a hanglider around it also sounds amazing!

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Some hover on the spot wings would be fun!

I would also add a foldable, yet fully functioning tiny one-person plane as a little joke item, cause fully functioning planes are usually not 100% foldable :V

Folding would be kinda Portal 2 styled. It’d fold to a size so small that you could even put it into a briefcase or somethin!

(Idk, that’s just how my mind kind of works)

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