Flicking When Shadows are Set to Low

I’m not really sure how long it’s been happening for me, but it’s only started somewhat recently. If I have shadows set to Low (I have to do that, my PC sucks), there’s an awful flashing or flickering. The lighting abruptly gets brighter or darker on numerous maps. I think the only condo map that doesn’t do it is the House; it also happens in the plaza. All game-worlds appear to be fine.

It really makes it difficult to play on a lot of maps, and I’m not able to increase my Shadows setting.

I know this has been reported before, but there was no real solution, other than using a higher Shadows setting, which is unviable for me.

Screenshots: (Sorry for awful resolution, again, bad PC)

On the Condo map:

Both screenshots were taken mid-day, 100% clear weather, but it appears to be dark. Even the flashlight does nothing.

This is known, please use the search tool.

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