Flickery lights causing FPS drops when I upgraded to windows 10

I use direct x 10 because I find it really regulates the FPS causing less sudden FPS spikes and I used to play on windows 7 but ever since I upgraded to windows 10. I enter the plaza and I get huge FPS drops and constant flickering of lights in the plaza and I think this happened in virus too. My specs are R9 290x/280x and i5 4460k quad core windows ten obviously and it’s been freshly restarted recently I hope this helps.

This kind of error has occured a lot of times and there are many possible fixes such as such as turning Post Processing Quality and/or Ambient Occulsion off.

Since you have just upgraded to windows 10 it seems most likely that your system doesn’t have the required hardware drivers and software that it needs to run the games properly.

Here’s a tool from AMD that will automatically detect what graphics card you got and find the required hardware drivers:

Or incase you don’t wanna use that i found the drivers on AMDs website for the graphics cards you listed
Here’s for 290x:

And here’s for 280x:

You could also get the driver installers from amd and intel, they will check for any required drivers and updates for the hardware that they support and give you the option of having them download and install it for you.

amd radeon software installer:

intel support assistent:

These two are completely optional since you already got the required drivers from the other links, but the updaters might find some other useful stuff for your computer.

And again since it’s a freshly installed windows 10 OS you could make windows check for new updates, this is also optional but i would recommend that you do it, partly to get the latest security updates.

I already downloaded amd drivers idk about intel tho thanks for the reply you really gave me a bunch of info also I updated windows when I first got it I got the security update

If you are using DirectX10 then go to your graphics settings and simply turn Ambient Occulsion off. If it’s already off, than turn it on and back off.

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