Flattened Catsack Bug

So I was in my condo fixing my light due to a new bug which I’m pretty sure has been reported and I accidentally used my Catsack and as most might know If you leave and rejoin after using a catsack it will appear in your inventory again. Well I left and rejoined and I guess the animation wasn’t finished playing and got a pretty silly result.
As shown Here
Pretty Silly Bug and I find it Funny!


The Catsack is not finished yet so it doesn’t function as it should, this is normal.

I’m well aware I just Found it when accidentally pressing E on a CatSack
EDIT: And I found it pretty funny :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A catsack once tried to cross a road…


FlatSack :smiley:

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Funniest bug report. xD

Hahaha Thanks Guys I thought it would be. One of the reasons why I reported it. oh and If anyone wants to see it to believe it I can let you into my Condo :stuck_out_tongue:

RIP Catsack
You lived a good life

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