Fix Virus payouts

Simple enough thing to do, the payouts are really poor unless you’re insanely good. Most players get next to nothing compared to an average game of minigolf.

So instead of:

  • Removing all previous payouts if you get infected (that’s just taking away all the pay someone earned, come on now!)

-Making it almost impossible for Infected to get anything at all unless they do the majority of the work (four infections and the last person alive? I think hardly anyone can manage to do all of that.)

We instead:
-Let people keep all the payouts they earned from their kills as survivor if they get infected.

-Payouts are determined by performance. You get paid per kill or infection. Infected get less overall, but still get a decent amount so nobody’s really undermined unless they get picked as the first infected repeatedly.

How about something like 20 per kill as survivor, and 10 per kill as infected, including bonus points that exist? I’m just throwing numbers out there, maybe something like 15-10m or 10-5 would be better.

It’s all short, small amounts of rounds anyways so it’s all about compensating for that amount of time by making it higher amounts.

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Your kills do not reset when you are infected.

You get paid for infection, but not for survivor kills, which will probably be added soon.

You get 8 units for infecting 1 player, but it is supposed to be 10.