Five Nights at Freddy's just got an official book

FNAF. Yep, the game that had three successful sequels made in less than a year, and still has a huge community today. I may not be a huge fan, but I have played a few of the games, and have been checking Scott’s website every once and a while. I just went on a few days ago, to find a new teaser. I thought it was going to be a new game or something along the line, but all I knew was at the bottom of the teaser it said coming soon. I went on today, and found out that it instead said available now!. I didn’t have a clue of what it was talking about, so I go on Youtube and find that it’s a novel out of all things. After doing some research on Steam, Scott actually made a update about it, and said that it will be first available on the Amazon Kindle.
I luckily have a Kindle Fire, and yes, I got curious.
I actually found it, and purchased it.

Scott’s Website:

be sure to let us know if it’s any good. i’m not much of a fan of the series, but i do hope that the books is actually interesting and written well.

I wonder how close the book will actually be to what is usually happening in-game. I can’t really predict the contents of a FNAF book honestly.

Don’t read the book if you want explanations. Just flat-out don’t, because that isn’t what it is. The best way to read it is thinking of it as a reimagining of the FNAF lore. I’m not sure what the aim of that is, but I don’t think of it as a plothole-filler.

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