Will the bucktooth fish from gmod tower return?


No, it won’t.


How do you know this?


Because it’s a character from another video game, not owned by Pixeltail.
There’s a pretty big possibility it won’t appear in TU.


Epic loves seeing dopefish added to other games, though. Dopefish is in dozens of games.


If Dopefish is put somewhere in the game, Tower Unite could be on this list.

It’s not a bad idea, considering Dopefish was also in GMT. People are clearly expecting this easter egg to return.


I had no idea that fish was famous


Yep. It was originally an enemy in Epic’s game Commander Keen.


I don’t want to step in, but dopefish wasn’t created by Epic. It was created by iD software. Commander Keen was made by iD.


Oh, duh. I was tired as fuck last night. Lol. Was thinking of Jazz Jackrabbit. I pretty much lived on Jazz and Keen when I was a kid, so I sometimes forget who did which.


Oh my god after years of searching I finally found an other person who was addicted to Commander Keen and Jazz Jackrabbit…

Although with Jazz I was mostly addicted to Jazz 2 because I kept making my own levels, which could then be played in multiplayer.

I remember the community there actually inventing their own game modes, like obstacles courses made out of blocks which would teleport you back to the beginning of an obstacle course… or a game mode where you are in a pipe, with destructible blocks and random ammo drops beneath you - The last person to fall down, wins. You basically had to destroy the ground beneath each other and try to push other players down.

I checked the other day and the multiplayer servers for Jazz 2 are still online… after around 20 years.

  • “First person fishing rod animations (final pass)” has been checked off on the “Progress” checklist.





  • "Implementing third person animations" has been checked off on the "Progress" checklist.


Been making good progress so far on this on my down time.

All the animations are in and the gameplay is mostly done. Last steps are balancing, fish items, lure items, selecting bait, fish compendium book (shows what fish you haven’t caught and tutorial), aquariums, some secret non fish items, showing what you caught to other players, and polish.

I’m gonna repost this on Trello.


Thank god. With all this other exciting stuff being worked on I thought Fishing had been left in the dust. While I know its not at the top of most people’s list, fishing is one of my most anticipated features. Fishing, RC cars and Milestone rewards will finally bring new activities to condos.

Thanks for the update.




Rc Race Courses!!!

  • "Gameplay: Bait system (different bait effects difficulty and type of fish you can get)" has been checked off on the "Progress" checklist.