Fish aren't working properly on Courtyard Villa (

Summary of bug here.

Steps to Reproduce

Trying to place a fish into a fishbowl on the Courtyard Villa condo results in the fish locking above the fishbowl and flopping around when placed.

What I expected to happen

I expected the fish to be locked inside the fishbowl and start swimming after being placed.

What happened

The fish spawns above the fishbowl and doesn’t swim.

Notes / Media


After testing on other maps, this problem appears to be with the fish bowl in general. Not just on Courtyard Villa.

The Fishbowl’s been broken for a long time now. I think maybe half a year or so.

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ah my bad, i could’ve sworn it worked on Suite, but I could be wrong, I just thought it was courtyard villa because i had issues with another fish tank