First thing you'll do in TU?

Heyo! I was wondering- what will your first order of business be once you get into the game? Will you explore? Play a game of Minigolf? Spend your GMT savings on furniture? Customize your character?

For me, I’d probably deck myself out before playing Minigolf.

First thing for me? Mess with the settings. I never play a game without looking at the settings first. After that, I’ll probably find a server and do some Virus or Minigolf (depending on what I feel like).


I would explore the plaza & play virus

Get my friends a copy and play something with them. Probably Ball Race.

Check out all the cool new condo stuff I guess.

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I’m gonna find the official server and host my first ever idle-spree in the train station. It’ll go for as long as I can make it happen, who knows… minutes, hours, weeks, maybe even a month,

I shall be a monolith, a symbol to myself and my dedication to own and launch the game but never actually play it.

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I’ll dress up my character so everyone knows I’m an oldfag

I suppose I’ll just wait around for the next update.

I would customize my character and then go to the boardwalk and play some games! This is a copy of my thread Question For The Community!

Meet up with some friends and explore the Plaza together then I would get comfy in my brand new Unreal Engine 4 flavoured Condo. Move in my old stuff and maybe blow some dosh on one of those hot tubs.

Make sure my handsome dinosaur character is still fine.

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I’d be transferring my GMC / Items then probably mess with the settings then go hangout with my tower / real friends on some gamemodes.

I’d probably play Ballrace by myself or play the piano in my condo alone.

I’d go to the boardwalk with a friend and ride the rollercoaster. After that, (hopefully) him and I, will go play minigolf.

Go to my Condo, of course! Plan a bit, and then go buy some furniture.

Play Virus. Much Virus. Until my fingers bleed.

And probably decorate a bit.

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Just tape 'em up!
(Applause for getting the reference)

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explore to see how much “The Plaza” on ROBLOX ripped off from TU. i mean come on the “Inspired By” excuse doesn’t work when you ripped off the entire game and making money off of it

The first thing I will do is make my character model which resembles a very handsome Russian man, followed by building my KBG condo and listen to the soviet union anthem for 10 hours.

Yea I am probably going to check out the map a little bit, check out the settings and then finally get into a game and then after that maybe check out the shops! I can’t wait!!!