First Person view model is distracting on Pluck-A-Pal

As it says in the title.
Seeing your arm leaning against the machine is quite distracting when trying to look inside of the claw machine. Suggestion is to have the first person view model disabled when on the machine?
Edit: This is also a little problematic on the Whack-a-mole/Bug Bytes machines

Yeah, I agree that scouting a good angle to see all the Pals in the machine is really difficult. Even using third person as you’re playing the machine is very awkward.

I agree that your arm and maybe even equippable items shouldnt be shown when playing Pluck A Pal in first person view.

Do you have an equippable item in your hand when you play Pluck-A-Pal?

Maybe that causes the item or your arm to appear in first person view.

I dont equip an item in my hand when I play Pluck A Pal, and I dont recall seeing my character’s arm when I’m in first person view, and I always use a workshop character.

Hey one suggestion I saw on Discord was to disable First Person Legs in settings -> game -> misc. Perhaps “legs” includes arms in arcade?

First Person Legs are the cause behind this. It’s marked as an experimental feature - not everything will work well with it. First person legs feature wasn’t fixed up for Arcade.


yeah that’s fair enough i’ll just be sure to turn it off when playing in the arcade