First Ever TU Meetup

So, I am here to present you with the first ever Tower Unite meetup.
Yes, we all met through TU, found out we all lived within a reasonable distance, and decided to get together.
No, this is not the beginning of a horror movie.

Left to Right: Aigis | Toycyborg, Cakemagic, profbonkars


large vicinity area/state?
Maybe other users live nearby as well

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Puts up psycho clothes over acid-disfigured body and loads knife

We can make it one if you want… :smiling_imp::smile_cat:

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Lovely photo. Let me guess, the conversation went something like this:

A. Hey!
B. Hey!
C. Hey!

A. How much TUU have you collected?
B. Oh, I was about to ask the same question, darn.
C. Enough to party.

A. …
B. …
C. What?

(I have no idea where to go with this, but hey; bravo on the meet-up.)


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Hope y’all had a good time!

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You forgot to credit my screenshot of that snapchat!

Anyways here’s more pictures of the meetup that they posted on Discord



Aww this is really cute

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Just as a note: I left a while ago and Aigis and Cake are now on a “date”.

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I would have come but I can’t drive. :cry:

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Guys, this was a lot of fun, just to meet with people who even know or care about the game, and talk about it was super fun. We talked about fixing payouts, bugs, how to exploit single player payouts praising the dev team for encouraging multiplayer gameplay… It was a blast, and we all loved it.

Also we found a shirt for biko

hueh at least you guys aren’t fat nerds

…not that i have anything against these

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Man I wish I could do something like this in Arizona, to bad the only other things in this entire state are mountains and cacti. :cactus::desert::mountain:

Credit to @Zyerost for making this:


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