First Crash of

I was just chilling playing the meteor minigame in the arcade. I crashed mid-game with hitting bonuses.
Until these crashes get handled I honestly can’t play this game… And its not my gpu, or my cpu - even though my gpu isn’t the top but its the kind that can handle even 7days to die on high graphics as its a fairly new gpu as it was released this year in January.

Thanks for the report. This is the same crash as many others, relating to workshop player models. We’re currently working on resolving it. In the meantime, it’s advised to disable workshop player models.

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If you wanna try suggesting something to people, try suggesting them to make sure their ram is running fine/full speed - I went on my bios and finally fixed my ram speed and i’m not crashing anymore. o.o - or if this helps with looking into fixing it that too.

My ram was clocking 2400mhz before - now its clocking 3200mhz like it should of been.

Thanks very interesting, thanks for letting us know!

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How does a normal person even do this?

Depends on your motherboard and your BIOS - I know some BIOS don’t allow for editting certain stuff.

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