Fireworks placement

When i try to place down fireworks the placement just glitches and makes it go mid air

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Actually i don’t think it can be fixed

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I’m pretty sure this doesn’t occur everywhere in the Plaza, but it certainly happens. Just yesterday I went to the boardwalk, to the section of pavement just after the stairs near the golden bricks but before the sand. I could place the fireworks down just fine. If I recall correctly (I last tried this a couple updates back), trying to set fireworks down on the little garden area up on the nearby monorail station would cause the exact glitch you’re describing. My guess is that the placement detection is colliding with something it shouldn’t in certain areas.

There is also the issue of when placing an item it collides with your head which could be what causes this that or what @Arkive86 said.

If tried in casino then this occurs.

Of course it can be fixed.

but it can possibly break something else, beacuse this “bug” is affected by collisions

Then fix the collisions as well.

and then it can break collisions overall

They won’t be broken if you fix them.

There is nothing in programming that you can’t simply “not fix”, it’s illogical to say that.

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@macdguy i’m calling you to tell us if this is fixable

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This will be fixed soon, not the next patch, but possibly the one after it.