Firework Shows

What do you guys think about having a firework show every now and then? It could be something like once a month on the boardwalk, and the fireworks would be more spectacular than the consumer ones players can buy. Obviously this isn’t a big idea; it’s just a little something that might be fun to add at some point.

-=EDIT 7/5/2015=-

I was thinking about the time zones thing and came up with this: how about, on the day of the firework show, have two shows? These shows would be twelve hours apart, so hopefully everyone would have some chance at viewing one. If two is not enough, maybe four shows with six hour differences?


Yes, this is an idea I can get behind.
It will definitely attract a few more people to the boardwalk.

Great idea! My girlfriend and I looking forward to see it every month <3! Finally, i can bring her to a beautiful place.

Wait… I don`t have a girlfriend… f*ck.

Also, remember about TimeZones! I think they should add to config option to set time. Maybe first Friday of the month?

Yeah, time zones are problem for me, but amazing idea! I’d definitely enjoy these :smiley:

Amazing idea Arkive86! :grin:

I’m really digging this idea. Also, could there be a random event which you can set off firecrackers that you can find on the ground for a limited amount of time? That’d be purty neat.

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I have edited my suggestion to take into account time zones! Just go back to the top to see it. Thanks for reminding me!

I don’t really think time zones should matter.
Rather, allow the server administrator(s) to set the schedule for firework shows.
There will be plenty of different servers in various parts of the world. time zones shouldn’t be a concern anymore.

I still think config would be the best.

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If firework shows were to be implemented, my guess is that they would run based off of a day/night cycle within the game itself. The shows could be automated to start every three nights, or whatever frequency desired. It might also be a cool idea if players could pay Units to start a firework show themselves!


Dude, you gotta start looking at the dates.

Sorry, I was just trying to bring up old topics for discussion and share my opinion. I did a bit of research and I still can’t figure out why necroposting is discouraged when we are talking about a suggestions page…

Yes, I will start looking at the dates.

Well, I assume the day and night cycle is not going to be connected to your computer’s time. So maybe, every 2-3 nights we will have a firework show. And who knows? Maybe you can watch it from your condo?

I didn’t even think about watching it from your condo… what if you could look down at the rest of the Plaza from your condo?

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