Finished state of Tower Unite

I’ve been thinking into the future of TU and I know for a fact that when this game is finally at a proper release state the game as a whole is going to be insanely good.

I can already imagine a GTA style trailer for full release showing all the boardwalk attractions in full flow, a full lobby with 100+ people, game worlds of course and hopefully different types of apartments with the customisation.

Thinking about how the game is going to be at the end of our developers’ seemingly endless hard work makes me content about waiting all this time.

Thank you people of TU and of course the devs for creating such an amazing game. :slight_smile:


Hey, what if Tower Unite manages to become a good game in a way, that it kicks off like Minecraft did, to the point where everyone in my school knows about and plays TU? At the moment I am sure I am the only one in my entire federal state to know about this game, I guess, maybe…
We might still have to wait years for this to happen, but it will be cool.

The only difference is that TU’s attention would be quite justified, Minecraft got WAAAAY too much attention for the type of game it is IMO.

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If this game blows up like Minecraft did I will be so happy, especially for the devs. TU definitely has the potential to be as popular as Minecraft (if not, more popular); it’s just a case of having good PR and letting a good amount of people know about the game, after that I think word of mouth will do the rest!

I’m just curious to see how game will do long term… Will it have enough replayability to grow and stay relevant for the mainstream audience?

I think Minecraft’s survival mode is what made people stick around for so long… Maybe if on a certain day every week zombies take over the plaza and if you’re caught, a portion of your total units (like 10%) is dropped on the floor for anyone to pick up… Idk just an idea :smile:

You know what helped make Minecraft last so long? User creations and mods, both of which I’m sure will be utilised nicely in TU.

I’d never play it again. I can still hear little kids talking about how to craft a pickaxe during breaks :confounded:

Every “hardcore gamer” (I really hate that term) played it during 2010:
But after that more and more kids got into it. (Just like me. I was 12 back then)

I was a bit late and started playing in 2011 while watching this Let’s Play series:

Minecraft stopped being enjoyable in 2013 I guess. Only ones who played it were kids who thought they were cool.
I have some attention whore boy in my class who plays Minecraft and Call of Duty BO3 and thinks he’s cool for that.