Festival Spin-To-Win! (Seasonal?)

Hello there peeps!
I have played a lot of Spin To Win in the casino ever since the update, So much that i have 100s of potatoes and hula girls.

But i was thinking, Eventually the devs should think about changing the items if they have not already which can help keep it playable and allow for more exclusive spin to win items to be added.
An example of an item that might not be exclusive in the future is the gold which will be accessible via metal detecting, Therefore it might want to be changed on the Spin To Win.

Seasonal Spin To Win would be for the seasons such as Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
The items could be related to the Seasons with with exclusive Spin To Win Items.

Holiday Specials:
Holiday Specials could add a separate Spin To Win with exclusive holiday items such as for Christmas, Halloween, Easter and any other holiday acceptable.
(Hidden Wheels?) These again related to the holidays could be placed in secret areas around the map, like in a Christmas grotto or spooky house. This also means that the casino ones don’t have to be changed if they are placed on the map somewhere for a certain amount of time.

Theres my ideas. Like always, Let me know what you think, and any ideas you have to add, feel free to say :smiley:


This would be rad.


I had a similar idea for Spin-to-win.

Personally I think it should have different sets of items that switch in-out on a weekly-monthly basis to keep players to continue using it. Your seasonal idea would fit quite well with this idea.


Very cool idea +1

I know the seasons almost over, but I love a pumpkin pie item to take the waffles place.