Feedback: Obtaining the sled is not a fun experience


I don’t think anyone benefits from spending a consecutive week or longer of 1 hour+ play-sessions just waiting in the plaza trying to get one tediously gated item. Some games implement a favor system that dictates after a certain amount of time redeeming items without any luck, the game may guarantee one item of a higher quality so that after a suitable amount of time/effort has been invested, the systems in place more or less ensure the player won’t have to spend the next year completing repetitive activities just to get something of value.

The problem here is it’s just low percentage RNG, which I understand for jackpots, but there’s always an alternative means to earn money, but not specifically gated items. There are more engaging ways you could make a rare/hard to get item attainable without requiring that players potentially spend days on end just hitting “E” on things. At this point I’ve more or less given up because waiting ages just to get another cookies and milk, or a stocking after Christmas to add to my pile of other stockings just leaves me jaded and unmotivated to keep wasting my time. I hope this is something you will rectify moving forwards.


Yeah, I’ve seen so many people who still haven’t got the sleigh whereas I got it on my third NPC event. After hanging around in the plaza, I’ve now got 3 sleighs that are totally useless. Seems unfair to me that I’ve got 3 so quickly and others still have 0. This probably could have been done better to give everyone a fairer chance at getting the item


The characters give out the items quite often, the presents do not. The RNG percentage isn’t that low for the item. But by being random, you’re gonna get different mileage than others.

The sleigh is just a fun RC car, there’s gonna be more RC vehicles that will be unlockable through the stores or milestones.

With the achievement update rolling out additional systems that allow us to handle rewarding based on time and other methods, things like this can be sorted through another means. For example, maybe next holiday event we can use milestone system to award the prizes so it doesn’t matter random chance - just that you were there during the events for X amount of time or doing X amount of things.


That sounds sensible, so for example, earning all the other drops could be a prerequisite for automatically unlocking the sled?


This would be amazing. The current systems are way too annoyingly random. I have somewhere around 15-20 snowman and about 10-15 Christmas trees and enough gingerbread men to feed the entire population of China for a year but I still haven’t gotten a sleigh yet.


The system would let us track how often you got items and such and could do things like give you a milestone (which would be the sleigh for example) or the characters can give you an easier way to get the item since you’ve been trying already for awhile.


It was the second item I got…
(I love the XP system as part of the event but I would also like some free exclusive items each party, maybe just like a trophy that is the catsack with the santa hat and says Holidays 2018 or something like that)


Figured I’d make an account to voice my findings here:

I can tell ya the sled is something I’m very aggravated at as a player who likes to attempt to get everything from events like this. I’ve planned around how to maximize my chances of getting the sleigh by hopping on 10 minutes before the presents event; this way, I can hit the holiday character visit twice every appearance, and also go for the 11 presents or so on the beaches. I’ve opened 300 presents, and talked to almost every character visit twice, and still have no sleigh. I’m stuck with over 60 snowmen, 75 cookies, and heaps of other holiday items I can’t mass sell for even a tiny amount of profit.

I find myself only getting on to farm the sleigh, rather than enjoying the game with my friends. It’s drained me of tower unite, which is sad. I hate to meme and say “I quit over this one holiday item”, but I just don’t even wanna play anymore. Hopefully improvements can be made from this event for future players!


Next time they could add a trade NPC. Change X amount of snowmen for 1 sled or something like that.


Better yet; why not a token system? Every character/present gives a token per redeem, those tokens can be handed in at various quantities for different rewards. That means that people who have all the Christmas items can still grind tokens to buy extra catsacks and rewards like the treasure chest during the Christmas season.


That’s a really good idea, not gonna lie


We need a holiday shop.


I agree, but just so you can get some units out of it: Tower Express has a mass sell function.