Feedback and Questions!

Hi there :blush: Before going into more general and unique questions(I guess) I’ll ask one or two personal questions first.

Any answer is appreciated (if any)

I also tried reading as many questions before creating this thread to make it more unique questions, sorry if any of them have been asked!

I kinda know about Gmod Tower via Youtube about 8 months ago, however I just started playing it last week and I’m in love, however.
I’ve decided to donate this week hopefully, just to get that glow on models and ulimited jetpack & 160% playermodel etc… Will I have them until March 2016?

How will games work when you’ve queued for them? does it switch to a whole new server as it already does?

Will there be official europe servers?

Any info on how many players a server will hold in avg?

Will Units currency use Steam inventory or PixelTail Database? (You are able to view people’s current Units and items via Steam inventory)

Anything for Steam Market?

  1. You will get bonus items in Tower Unite for donating GMT.

  2. Idk that. In Tower Unite you can host your own server. I’m mailing polish support and servers.

  3. More than gmod. In Garry`s Mod server uses two cores. One for networking and second for the rest (players, props etc.). I hope Tower Unite will have multi-core support. I hate lags on my DarkRP server, 1 core is working on 100% and the rest is like 2-10%.

  4. There are Free and Ranked servers. On Ranked there is steam inventory support but you can’t put hard modifications on server. Free is the opposite of ranked.

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Don’t quote me on this, but I do not believe there will.
But it doesn’t matter anymore, since users can host their own “ranked servers” which act exactly like any official server would. You play, get rewards, and keep those rewards saved in the Steam database thing (along with condo layouts and all that other jazz).

Also, for the donation question, the devs haven’t really announced much about legacy donors and what they will get in Unite, but I specifically remember hearing Mac say that there will no longer be player glows (not exclusively, at least). It might be an item anyone can purchase to make you glow, but I’m not sure.

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