[Feature Request] Classic Sounds/Music from Gmod Tower for Tower Unite

I was thinking on something for a while, if it cannot be done because of something, that’s fine to me, is just a Suggestion.
I have the Gmod Tower content with the Sounds and Musics that was there fo the Lobby, Game Ports and stuff.

I was thinking if it would be possible to have an option to toggle between the new Tower Unite Sounds and Music and the oldschool from Gmod Tower.

Let’s say this for example: For the Virus, have the sounds/musics used from Gmod Tower
Or… Zombie Massacre, also have their original sounds/musics from Gmod Tower.
And last… Ball Race, for the courses that they used their own musics for Gmod Tower, have them in Tower Unite.

You get these ideas for example.

The reason why i was thinking on this it was because… well… nostalgia.

GMod Tower uses music and sounds that they don’t own and it’s under copyright.

So It can’t be a feature in Tower Unite officially.


While this is possible it’s probably not really allowed due to legal reasons.

This is because a fair amount of the sounds that were used in Gmod tower are under copyright protection which means that they can’t be added to tower unite without permission from whomever that has the copyright over said sound.

Well… i was seeing that in the 1st place because of musics used from other things and not original musics.

I understand that.