Faster Loading times

being a regular that played Gmod Tower last year i find on thing annoying the Loading times im happy to stare at a blank lonely screen but for 5-10 minuets talkabout UGH

i understand its an early acess build but i hope when its Ready load times will be at most 1-5 minuets similar to Gmod Tower loading times

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It takes you five to ten minutes to load?! What are your specs? It takes me a minute at worst.


well for an Australian User i have to deal with a Ping of 300 and my Laptop is old like 6 years old that part i can’t help as im jobless and on a goverment Disabilty pension

the Laptop in question has a AMD Graphics Card Intel I5 4GBs of RAM 30GBS of Virtual RAM i can run anything quite well but when it comes to loading times specilly with online games its a long wait hell even Team fortress 2 is a good 5 minuets before i can join

You can’t really just “make faster loading times” As Dr said. Its mainly client side.

i understand that but i can dram for it to be a bit more faster

That shouldn’t cause UE4 games to run that slow. Those specs seem okay. We’ll have to see if AUS servers pop up.

There are some AU servers already. Ask @GhostaTheHidden about them

There are 2 AU Servers that get a few players, not much as TU isnt that popular in AU because few states have gone back to School (QLD mainly).

Unreal Engine 4 came out in 2012 and its now 2016 and UE4 looks like its the CryEngine. Your even lucky to run this and deal with whatever framerate you get.

AMD runs poorly on Tower Unite, Nvidia runs the best atm.

i5 is fine as I have one. TU isnt that cpu intensive.

Be specific

Source is an engine that has existed since 2004 and for a laptop that has that loading time it must not even meet Minimum Requirements for Tower Unite.

Unfortunately that wont happen on AMD Laptops that are 6 years old.

Play around with the resolution scale setting. That setting boosts framerate heaps even for AMD laptops and most likely loading time will be boosted.

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Thanks sweetie


thanks i will give that a shot normaly i can’t stand making the resolution smaller than 1280X768 as it takes longer to minimize out of the game and get back into the game

Minimizing the game increases Loading times so for the moment you will have to just stare at the abyss for a bit.

so its better to just stay in borderless window mode for me then as im a bit of a app jumper when something is loading i would check messages on Steam and Skype and do other things

Yep right on.

If checking steam you can always Shift+Tab