So I was taking a look at the old stretchgoals and found this!


I was thinking of that maybe some time in the long off future we could see this system actually made. Preferably when cooking is done!

That way we could farm some food items like the fruits and such and make some other food with cooking. I’d say it’d work like this:

  • You can buy seeds from Fresh, but they would only be common food items (e.g. apples, oranges, banana, etc) But some food items could be mushed down into seeds, but not all could! Apples and melons could have their seeds pulled out, but a banana could not (because I don’t see anyone carrying around banana seeds after they eat a banana, do you?)
  • Rarer seeds could be found in Ocean Expansion or Metal Detecting (e.g. a skull, regular food seeds, maybe even an entire pizza.)
  • Rather than have to try and make a system to put them anywhere in a condo, a new planter item in a few variations ( for 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9 combinations using the variations system that grass has.)
  • Plants will need to be watered! The easiest way would be to give use to water bottles to put in a new Plant Watering item that is equipable. Having water bottles in your inventory when looking at a plant that needs watered will use 1 water bottle! Other ways to get water would be by using Suite’s aquarium or Underwater’s water.
  • Plants will grow in a few different levels, for instance a carrot would need something like 3 waters to be fully grown into about 4-6 carrots, but for a melon it would be about 5 waters for 1 melon that would give about 6 slices.
  • Reaping the plant would happen automatically after it has been fully grown by pressing E on it, a small animation would play of the plant being cut and then the amount of food would be put into your inventory.

This system would benefit cooking, give Fresh more meaningful items other than just cooking, and give the food items a bit more of a purpose in game other than just being for cooking!