Farming for Cooking

Hey I saw you guys were going to add cooking at some point in the distant future.
It would be really cool to see farming aswell, like you can buy farming plots for your condo where you can place vegetables and fruits, so you can use those for cooking. Think that would be really nice to give you something to look forward to in your condo.

We definitely need more fun reasons to check our own condos. I’m down for this but it would have to be incompatible with the condo saves system, which could cause trouble.


i suppose the “plot” item would somehow have to be kept track of in a completely seperate section, while you can however only water it and such when you place the item in the condo and interact with it. pets could work in a similiar way i imagine, they have their status effects and such kept track of in the inventory, but specific actions which inflict their stats can only be made when placed in the condo.