Fade to black option for Teleporters (Like with Ladders)

This is something I’ve had in mind for a while.
I always felt instantly teleporting, in some cases, can be a bit jarring and break some of the immersion.

When set to “Instant Climb”, ladders will fade the screen to black, then fade back in.
I think having a checkbox on teleporters to do the same thing would be a good feature.

No clue what it would be called tho. Smooth Teleport? Ladder Teleport?

Similar to something I suggested. Fade to black + more would be great to add some visual spice to our condos.

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Ladders set to instant climb also play a sound effect of you climbing up the rungs, changing depending on the material of the ladder.

I think including those sounds would be pretty good too, cause they’re pretty much just footsteps so they would be great in creating an illusion of shimmying through a doorway or clambering into a pipe or something. You know just a little detail to make it feel like your character is physically moving through the world during the black screen.

Obviously wouldn’t be the best for every use, so some sort of dropdown menu where you can select “Silent” “Wood Ladder” “Metal Ladder” or whatever would be best.


Yeahh, for sure. Actually been testing ways to add similar sounds using the new sound effects with Condo IO, but it sadly just doesn’t work as well without the black screen.