Face personalisation

Is there plans for face personalisation in which we can modify our looks to make us look even more unique? such as molding the jaw,cheek,forehead etc…

If not i think it would be a great idea!

Eventually. There are other core features being worked on at this time, but the team have stated that this is something they’d like to do in the future. I do remember hearing there is a overhaul coming to the base character of the game, so that might be coming soon then I think.

Oh an overhaul to the character in general sounds great! Thanks :grinning:

TBH I’ll only use the max/min values on everything

“Gameplay > Looks” - Mac

They want to make a working game first. Then sort out how everything looks after. That includes some customisation features. But they will be in the final game

I believe OP was asking moreso as to whether ot not it /is/ a planned feature for full release, not that it be something released soon.