Extremely frequent render crash

Always happens if i play long enough, usually in the plaza

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We are currently working on a fix.

Seems to occur when a event character arrives or leaves

Still occurs post the hotpatch

Maybe this is why? Always seems to appear when I crash.

Since it’s crashing in the render thread it’s probably something related to workshop models. This is a guess of course. Currently working on some other bugs but I want to take another look at this soon.

If its crashing egregiously try verifying files/disabling workshop and let me know if either of those works.

neither worked

Since its still happening could you post the crash dump if it generates one? Maybe I just missed it.

Are these the dumps?

You’re looking for a file that looks like:
UE4Minidump.dmp in %localappdata%\Tower\Saved\Crashes

More information on dumps available here if you need it:

Found them, made a new thread here

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