Extreme Depths and Heights Update (2 New Condos) (


Hello again sTUdfishes, we’re back with more exciting new content and fixes for you to enjoy.


A new Condo map by Johanna; a marvel of engineering, an underwater Condo with multiple housing.

A new Condo map by Mr. Sunabouzu; a luxurious Condo located on top of a skyscraper in the middle of a beautiful city.

Before this update, you could only customize lights in the default Condo. Now with a revamped lighting system, you can edit lights in every Condo!

To use this new lighting system, simply open your inventory and look for glowing light symbols around the Condo. Right click on them and start editing! You’ll notice there’s a new light function feature which will let you set lights to pulsate or cycle through colors.

On top of that, we’ve overhauled the surface editor for when you customize walls and floors of your Condo. Surfaces now can be listed by material type (ie. brick, tile, carpet) and we’ve added Canvas support to surfaces so you can truly customize your abode.

We had many reports of the voice system not working well in Lobby and Condo and this update should alleviate all voice related issues.

In past updates, there have been issues with alcoholic items not affecting clients. This is now resolved. We have plans to expand on this by adding vomiting and garbled drunk chat text in future updates.

We’re adding more feedback for environmental destruction in Virus. Subway is the first map to start using the environmental damaging systems. We hope to continue to expand on these new systems to other maps soon. You can now destroy the ticket machines and signs and shoot at smaller items as well.

General Changes

  • New Condo Map: Underwater
  • New Condo Map: Highrise
  • Redid the Condo surface editor - added tabs per surface type (you can now use any surface material for any wall or floor)
  • You can now filter Condo surface materials by material type (ie. brick, carpet, tile, wood, etc.)
  • Added canvas support to Condo surfaces
  • Added Unit changed HUD element for easier notice when your Units are changed
  • Added new Condo light system that allows for more finer controls to Condo lights
  • Added physical light switches to Condo maps
  • Added the ability to set light functions on new Condo lights (slow pulse, rainbow, flicker, etc.). Not currently featured on items, yet
  • You can now adjust several lights in House
  • You can now adjust several lights in Suite
  • AFK players in Lobby/Condo will now appear ghosted visually


  • Added LODs to the skybox mountains
  • Optimized and cleaned up all character materials
  • Optimized mirrors in Condos

UI Changes

  • Improved look of all the Condo editing UIs
  • When editing Condo surfaces (and the new lights), you only need to right click to begin editing (it now skips the pop up dialog and goes straight to it) for easier access
  • Added tooltips (with names) when editing Condo surfaces and lights
  • Added names to Condo surfaces and Condo lights
  • Added “Reset To Default” button that allows you to reset the Condo surface back to the map default
  • Lobby UI/HUD now auto hides while you are in a Lobby activity (such as Typing Derby)
  • Game announce UI now does not show the join button if you are in a game (but does show up)

Misc Changes

  • Adjusted position of gun sounds so they play from the weapon’s muzzle
  • Added Plastic Cup item to Rob’s Imports
  • While in first person, other Lobby/Condo players will not draw if your camera is currently clipping inside them
  • Ferris Wheel carts now have random colors assigned to them

New Settings

  • Added 144p and 240p options to the media player resolution setting

Virus Changes

  • Subway: Added a few destructible elements to the map (testing out new systems - will be applied to other maps soon)
  • Double Barrel animations have been updated. Reloading now plays different animations based on how many shells you have left

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed voice issues in Lobby/Condo
  • Fixed drinks not getting you drunk properly
  • Fixed a bug where viewmodel arms and wearables would receive bullet decals
  • Fixed a bug where you could not drag items or interact with inventory UI while you are editing an item or surface
  • Fixed UI dropdown menus not being reliable the first time you click on them
  • Fixed a bug with doors (and the garage door) in House where you could rapidly open/close the door during it’s opening animations
  • Fixed door frames in House not lining up with their latches
  • Fixed certain surfaces (and the aquarium) not being editable in Suite
  • Fixed a bug where weapon switch sound effects would play while using the Piano
  • Ball Race - Prism: Fixed level 10 issue with the wall not reappearing after reset
  • Minigolf - Altitude: Potentially fixed issues with hole 18


You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slower response time.


oh boy :DDD


Of course it came out while I’m in the Home Depot parking lot and my car won’t start since battery died.


I’m currently at my grandma’s, anyone able to tell me how much Highrise costs?


God this update is awesome. Loving the new light and surface stuff. Been having fun remastering my old condos with the new tools.

And Highrise is absolutely gorgeous. Great layout and affordable price. Would reccomend it, Love how open ended it is. That sub-basement is killer! Hottub on the roof over looking the city and basketball court in the basement. Living the dream I tell you.


how much?
Can’t check ATM


175,000 Units


Just a question do the community features work with the Underwater Condo yet? Eager to start a hangout spot for some friends :smiley:


Not yet, sorry.


Ech just when I’m busy
Kinda have the urge to not make a video
(Still nice content though)


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