Extra use for metal detector

the metal detector is cool right, you can find stuff on the beach like units, treasure, gold catsacks etc.
but outside the one event it doesn’t have any use.
i thought of a great idea though, you can equip the metal detector in places like the store, the casino and arcade (when it comes out) and walk around and you will randomly detect and auto pick up units randomly, this is cool since if people who just want to use the metal detector want use it outside the event they can just walk around and pick up random units
the only downside i see to this is being able to abuse it for free units, so maybe within a time span of like 20 minutes the max you can find is 500 units on the floor. and then it resets again allowing you to find more again.
also maybe you could find other random things like quarters and such, like small items.

well the use outside of the event thing already seems to have been planned for some time

Still the ability to use it in the previously mentioned places could be nice, you could make it an extremely rare occurence where you can gain arcade tickets in the arcade, poker chips in the casino and so on.