Explore/Gallery Mode

I had the random idea that there should be a sort of Explore or Gallery Mode for Tower Unite, where you can access any of the Gameworlds’ maps and walk around them in the Lobby/Condo move-style.

Basically you would be able to walk, run, or noclip around any of the maps regardless of what gamemode they’re for, so you can explore a map, possibly for new players to see a map before playing it, or if there will be custom maps this could let map-makers look around their map in-engine before publishing it. It would also be nice to just sort of walk around the maps just to look at the scenery, as I think a lot of the maps in this game are well designed and have very pretty visuals. Would even be fun to be able to use Lobby items in this mode like the confetti gun.

I don’t know how well this could be implemented, but another neat feature for it would be the ability to switch to the Gameworld’s playstyle on the fly so you can practice a section of a map, for example if you’re exploring a Minigolf map you could run or noclip over to the section you want to practice, and then immediately switch to Minigolf mode so you can practice putting from that spot.

Anyway yeah, random idea I had, don’t know how well it would work or if it even is necessary or useful at all, just thought it would be cool to explore the maps in the game.

Yes please. I want to make screenshots and take in all the cool level designs and architecture without worrying about actually playing the games.
More games need this feature IMO.


Not only would this be nice for screenshots (or even just learning a level’s layout), it would be a great way to implement a practice mode. I know there are quite a lot of people who want something like that, and this would certainly be a good way of going about it.