Exp Migration 3

I could use some help with my exp migration. For some reason when I click on the migrate exp button and have checked all the boxes nothing happens. Steam Community :: KjngRaptorTTV is my steam profile, I’d greatly appreciate the help, thanks.

exp2 — ImgBB here are some pics of the exp that I can’t seem to get migrated.

Hey there, I’ll migrate everything for you manually.

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I have migrated your EXP for you.

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@macdguy hey I’m having the same issue, I can’t seem to migrate my EXP, would it be okay if I asked you to help do the same for me? No worries if not. Here’s my steam profile Steam Community :: Woj

Is it possible to do that for me too considering mine also fails to migrate.

can you possibly help me Migrate was well since its acting bugging atm…

You need to accept all EXP values, including the ones that are 0, then it’ll let you migrate.