Event Tokens, Exclusive Shop (Event Suggestions)

This thread is a properly-formed writeup of a long discussion that occured on the 23rd of June 2018 in the #tower-unite channel, between myself, @Spookz and @TacoSalad.

Event Tokens (Forgotten Remains 2.0):
An exclusive reward for any events. Playing any Plaza Minigame will grant you Event Tokens alongside Units, which act as an exclusive currency used to buy event rewards.

Exclusive Shop:
Will replace the haunted cauldron from Halloween 2017. If you’ve got the Tokens, this vendor NPC will sell you any of the exclusive event items you want. (Though since Tokens are gained from playing plaza events, most items would need to be pretty expensive.)
Vendor design ideas:
Any event
Kalleira the Catsack vendor handles it. She has the second smallest inventory of any NPC, so this could be a good use for her.
The LC dragon sitting upon a pile of Tokens.
Halloween event
King Arthritis from Celebrations setting up shop either in his current spot or taking the plaza fountain’s place.
The Collector, a set of eyes peeking out of a manhole
Christmas event
Fortunate Aunty Nickle Sacks (thanks Taco), an old lady dressed like Scrooge wandering around the Plaza

I strongly disagree.


Firstly, I would say make them drop from plaza events, not just any minigame, but that is just a minor nitpick. There is a major flaw with this idea as well, and that is that these tokens will defeat the purpose of any future event. If I want to grind away for hundreds of tokens early, I can just buy any event item that comes out in the future. This in turn also means that there’s less incentive to log on during events. Why would I spend my time logging on during Halloween to join the community and get that ghost pet when I can just wait till the event is over and buy one from the store?

I like the idea of having all event items being obtainable in the future, but such a system can’t have events become meaningless. I’d much prefer having event items be limited time for their respective timeframes but recur each year.

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I, for one, like this idea, with the minor change that each event has its own currency that goes away once the event ends.

Forgotten remains were, excuse my language, bullshit. I don’t mind the catsack lootboxes so much because they are here all year around but for a limited time event you should not have to pray to RNGesus to get that item you want.


just chiming in-
this whole ‘collecting tokens as an exclusive currency to buy event rewards’ sounds a lot like the club penguin’s fair event.

wait, did i just compare this to club penguin god help me

I really like this suggestion. RNG-based rewards are dumb and screw over players. However, I’d like to suggest a few minor changes:

Tokens should only be payed out by event-exclusive minigames or activities, or an activity temporarily “taken over” by the event. Imagine a notification popping up stating that Virus has been haunted (using the Halloween event as an example) and the gameworld itself getting some spooky effects applied to it and paying out tokens along with the standard units.

Every single event (even yearly reruns) should have its own tokens and/or the tokens should be wiped after an event concludes and the event shop closes down.

And, if people will still want those RNG-based rewards, they could co-exist with the tokens, or an item that would pay a random amount of tokens out could be introduced instead. (I’d strongly prefer the later, but I don’t know how others would feel about it)


Of course these are ideas and it could be switched to “only event minigames” rather than all plaza minigames, but they’re just ideas and they can be tweaked :slight_smile:

Good thinking. I like both of these suggestions, especially gameworlds being haunted and giving out event tokens.
Part of something I wasn’t fond of with the Forgotten Remains-type events was that I was missing out if I wasn’t constantly connected to the plaza, and that does help alleviate that problem.


Since Halloween is coming up I feel like this suggestion is still quite important to keep in mind as I personally think it’s a much better system for events and if we include changes made Mikusch and vtipoman and not just the base post alone then I think it’d be a great inclusion to the game greatly improving events (and actually bringing more attraction to the other plaza minigames)

The idea also makes it easier and fairer to bring back items from previous years by possibly increasing them in value more than the current years, but not increasing them 2 years down the line, this would fairly treat people who earned them THAT year as they get a discount however anyone who comes back later may have to work harder to obtain them.

Plus this would also just make it easier for people to actually get what they want as the value of the items for the time spent last year was ridiculous as a nightmare crab was worth as much as a very common eyeball item.