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I’m new to the Tower Unite scene, having primarily only played competitive games for the last 9 years, but I was browsing through all games beta, looking for something fresh and I checked out the Tower Unite videos. I have already backed the game on behalf of myself and my wife, and will be streaming. It looks fun, even from the perspective of someone who lives on competition like I do, I could see myself getting lost in a world just for fun.

Now on to my point, I’m not familiar with all the details of how the game works, but I fill there may be a void that would boost the game. Would you guys be interested in a website that would allow you plan events and have people sign up?

For example you could plan a mini-golf tournament for fun to the first 16 people who signup and give out a small door prize. Or you could throw a killer party on whatever day and have people rsvp to your event. Or you could plan private parties for your “group/clan/team/community.” The site would also allow for basic social profile creation and allow you make groups within the site. So essentially a small scale social hub to meet people, plans in-game events, and build relationships.

Again, this might not be necessary, as I am somewhat unfamiliar with all the features of the game. If there is already a way to plan a party or event within the game, then I will retract. Thanks for looking; I hope the game is a great success! I know I’ll be trying to create plenty of content for it, to attract a broader audience. I think the VR compatibility will be a huge boost to the game, when they become a little more mainstream.

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Well, the way it worked back in Garry’s Mod Tower is that you could host your own party, and then the whole server would be alerted to the fact that you are hosting a party.
These parties were only ever restricted to Condos though. I feel like it could be expanded a bit for more stuff.

There were also groups that you could make. Whenever the group leader would queue up for a game, the entire group would also end up queued so that they can all play together.
However, you would have to organize this group each time you joined the server. There were no clans and such that you could be a part of specifically in GMTower.

First of all, welcome to the community and thank you very much for backing the project!

I like your ideas, specially the inclusion of groups/clans, but I think it would be much less comfortable if it were managed throughout an external website. Just increasing the amount of things that the social hub lets you do already in GMTower (throwing a party, making temporal groups of friends, etc) would be more functional

The idea of organizing things and getting them planned is really intriguing. Having a tournament in minigolf, or SDNL with a bunch of friends sounds awesome. Plus you being able to host your own servers would really, really, help this idea work.

If they were to role with an idea like this, the hosting and planning thing probably wouldn’t be external, it would most likely be built into the game. Like they have their own mini social media site for others in the Tower Multiverse to connect to.

Exactly what I was suggesting, @Bokchoi. But the OP seemed to imply that it should be managed through a website, if I didn’t understand the wrong way x)

Yes, I was suggesting an external website, because I didn’t know what the current limitations of the in-game model supported. It would of course be more ideal for these kinds of things to be in-game however, so I will postpone development in hopes of internal implementation somewhere down the road.

Thanks for the feedback.

It being managed through a website would probably be the best way to go. But they can do what GTA 5 did, have their own “websites” to explore. The social media thing could be like an app on a phone or computer that you could connect to, and since it is there and ready it would probably be used by most people. It would be like Nintendo’s Miiverse, simple, and easy with a slew of features at your disposal.

This is UE4 we’re talking about, the possibilities are limitless. I’m pretty sure they could manage to have their own websites and things in game and have them work smoothley.