Event Horizon is an eyesore

This is a good looking map but, it’s really, really hard to look at as a player. Some post-processing effects are a bit hard to look at, the final level is the worst offender and the effect for entering the goal is just unnecessary. This is also a not-so creative map when it comes to a Ball Race map, like, we already got Galaxy, why Event Horizon? I get it’s supposed to be a system but it feels like a bit of a dull take on black holes or a solar system.

This isn’t supposed to be a bash on it but I can’t be the only one who has a tough time looking at this map when playing it, the theme complaints is just a thing on the side, can there be a bit of a tone-down on the post-processing or at least the colors?



Yeah no.


I think it’s the exact opposite. I love how Event Horizon looks. The last level is really blurry and can be a bit hard to see in but I think that’s kinda the point of the level, since you’re meant to be “in a black hole” of sorts. It’s a simple enough level too. I think it’s fine as it is.

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I completely, disrespectfully disagree.

Yes! but really no

For some reason I cant see my comment, anyways.

(i got the wrong video link twice, well done oscuur)

honestly, i have really good eyesight, but my eyes haven’t been getting sore at all

I don’t really have any issue with it, but I do appreciate your willingness to be open about it. I could easily see the post-process effects being hard on the eyes (particularly the black hole effects). I feel like the simple “no” some of the other users have been spouting is a bit rude and unwarranted; criticism should always be respected, particularly when the why is explained (as you’ve clearly done).

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I understand the criticism. I do. PP effects are not going to be everyones cup of tea. But to call it an eyesore then say “This isn’t supposed to be a bash on it” like you haven’t just done that in the title is pretty rude. It isn’t exactly constructive to call things unnecessary and dull either.

I won’t be changing it, because quite frankly the PP isn’t that extreme, bar the last level, which is kinda its whole thing.


i really like the effects of the level. i also understand that the effects are not for everyone.

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I’m sorry for my post, I was angry during the time due to personal reasons and I let that control over what should have been a simply question. Please, disregard anything I said about it and I’m sorry for the unnecessary, and rude demeanor that I implied through my post. After reading the messages on the Discord, I felt like I should apologize for what I wrote without reading through it once.

I only wanted to just ask if there was gonna be a tone down on the post-processing, that’s all but you’ve already answered. I don’t think the map is an eyesore, or that it’s bad, or uncreative, I think the map is pretty okay! It’s just I let my anger control my writing at the time and didn’t even second think it when posting it. Again, I’m sorry, you’re a great artist and I didn’t mean to bash you like this.


I think the course over all looks great, but most of my friends groaned in unison when we reached the very last course for the first time.