Episode 5!


Episode 5 to the Condo Showcase is live. Enjoy.

p.s: To enter, leave your steam profile on the following post: Condo Showcase Series Back Up


Wow when you were trying to get in the ice cream truck I was thinking “There is a door right there, just use it!” and it took me a solid minute to remember it wasn’t a real door. I am not the smartest man.

Great episode and good to see one of the crazier builds documented!


Amazing build, but I can’t load in.


Thanks for coming over and checking out my condo! Glad that you liked it (especially the balloon) :smiley:


Finally! Drrabbit! Welcome back with the series.


Lovely build man, can see the amount of time you put into it, loved it


Thank you! :smile:
This one took about 1 month




Dr Rabbit, Drab it, Dur Bit, Dr Abbit
or my personal favourite Dribbit (Drib it)