Engine Upgrade Beta Test Screenshots!

Hey everyone! As most of you probably know, we ran a public beta of Tower Unite on Unreal 4.20 - and it was a lot of fun! I definitely made some memories, so here’s the place to share your screenshots and recordings.

I can’t upload any of my screenshots just yet, but I have this…


Some screenshots I took in this event,

T-Pose on Mac

The West Store party

Dab of death

And error on Mac (where everyone want to know about the Big Chicken)


RC Dragon related activities probably took the cake for me tonight.


I have nothing interesting to show here.
These two looked like they were having fun?


Bugs with golf:

Aiming at too far away causes the Arrow to err… Yeah…
Hole 13 often fails to go into the first hole

Hole 16 HIO doesn’t work - you get too much power causing you to overshoot. If not then you get bad accuracy.
On every hole of Island, you are bouncing over the hole, even if you are next to it. (This also happens on hole 18 Altitude)
Treasure Cove hole 4’s 2nd pipe doesn’t always give you a HIO (Overshot)
Treasure Cove hole 13’s HIO fails often, sometimes hopping over the hole to get OOB, but otherwise just bouncing left or right of the hole.
Waterhole’s pipes on hole 9 and 14 Give you OOB.
Waterhole’s barrels on hole 2 also give you OOB preventing a HIO.
Also - Emission hole 15 no longer gives you a 2 - I think most of the teleporters are now faulty (Not sure when this started)
The beta for Island is not too bad, other than those minor bugs.
There are more minor bugs with some holes, like on Garden hole 15, the pipe closest to the start gives you OOB, and hole 6 on Alpine having a corner where you can OOB.


This beta is like 10% gameplay, 90% nametags


Damn, I must’ve been asleep at this point. Looks so fun :frowning:

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wtf did I miss?!?!

Well basically it seems as if the tag system was set to make one new tag above the players every 1-2 second

Then it seems that a change was made that stopped them from disappearing, so you ended up with 8 fps and thousands of player tags.
And disabling tags didn’t work properly as they would come back if you ever looked at anyone or opened the hotbar.

Personally i just pretend that macdguy unleashed a clone army on the tower


Some more sign action from last night

and this in chat, which got a giggle out of me



Wow wish I could have been on. Tower Unite looks like a really popular mmo with those nametags btw lol