Endless Sentence



The protagonist obliterated every carrot present in space with ostriches
and fought countless aliens but 9/11 had lunch under stars while its
dog violently played chess against santa whilst playing with his
airplanes shooting people through panes and laughing asthmatically so
hard that Zak orgasmically sank into helll dramatically then sucked
Foohy’s big raging pulsating forum avatar until developers-games
requested Zak for president but Obama denied cutouts were melted when
nazis corrected skynet which created Zak’s throbbing giant immaculate
juicy veiny pulsating brain shaped brain orientated brain-like substance
that proceeded to seep excitedly into Foohy’s deep cavernous moist
bannanas coated graciously against Rob president until Trent Hawkins ate
Tyrian without proper 2000 cartoons while choking beside Mac
supercalifragilisticexpialidociously correcting every prediction that
Vykromod has about the ebola virus concerning ebola viruses overtaking
african esport concessions causing massive zombification because
donglekumquat vomited 7/11 over music seeping down into your mom’s
spaghetti topping noodles when suddenly MacDGuy appears eating Mini
Reese’s Cups™ because Tower Unite is funded because Zak did not do his
taxes and failed then he decided that this wasnt allowed his mother
because when the fans told foohy that changed his mind and the team
payed $400,000 in twelve milliseconds and fired the executive’s weapon
feared to death because it’s it’s- ALIVE the KRAKEN also Cracker Barrel
is here to destory us with all the gritz everywhere and VAC banned Rob
for mic-spamming Pony Racing Simulator in Origin Trail so DLC that can
explode and while Zak tried to stop the explosion from happening but
Mac’s evil counter-terrorists could not defuse Zak’s love for bagels and
protagonists who had lots of lunch inside the museum on belching
sentences endlessly with no end played Will Rock while flapping their
wings to the Death Star where your mom spanks Lord Business for money
and fame with chains and decided that she required a massage of intense
vigor and pressure and bullshit because of intense salad bars consuming
the kings digestive system that imploded stars into a ass with fireworks
that created Towers that Unite towers with bridges made of chocolate
pudding flavored towers and towers and Zak and Foohy went to the towers
and decided to Unite towers with Tower Unite for skyscrapers because
pepperoni meatballs were covered with vanilla cuck ducks and poop
because urmum esfukt despite being the dude with a pizza flavored pie
job and Rob robbed the robber Carl Johnson inside the fancy hotel that
turns and burns with utmost passion while the microwave cooked lunch for
Billy Mays and Katy Perry while they ate many Units covered with
raisins and well, The malicious tower moved unto space with tons and
tons and tons of dongs ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ that united our pies for our happiness
but suddenly there was hundreds of bees that had a moist texture but
suddenly a giant befriended MacDGuy on crack because Zak and Foohy went
to get large pizzas and decided that it was dusty with bad cheese towers
that sky scraped the astronaut on space shrooms was dubiously tired
with bags of diarrhea mixed with chlorine tablets with insanely cool
stories about mom reading books that personify spaghetti and Stanley’s
Parable as trains puking rainbows and epileptic seizures followed by
eating pie and staring MacDGuy and Foohy joined to terrorize Obama and
the Great Wall of Towers uniting Gaben and John to release Half Life
Three Beta and Left 4 Dead 3 while circlejerking planets and eating
lunch with books bumping into cats making music that ear (hoi?)
and then this “endless” sentence died and everyone else lived happily ever after. THE END
way it’s gone yet because awesomeness prohibits ending the sentence
that almost but didn’t because it wanted to live on many years later so
anyway Units are intangible computer currency made for buying pron and
hardcore pron to move the wiggling towers and preserve the cabbage in
the new freezer designed for freezing bags of spaghetti for later
digestion and many more malicious reasons such as making coffee without
using milk and many honey biscuits so instead of turning purple, the
midgets hiked up mount rushmore proudly and claimed that slimy jellyfish
anus makes me ridiculously happy that today burned my lawn gnome’s
banana salad which exploded upon babies which were dolls burning and
flying around, dropping paper swans everywhere with rapiers while
radically towering wizards towered towered towers so that towers will
suddenly tower towers upon towers in Tower Unite so towering towers
could tower over trees towering over TRRRRREEEEEEEEESSS and this tower
made babies called towers which towered the towering Zak who later
viewed this thread pizza and canceled Seinfeld after rethinking
Patriarchy and towers and elevators that fly over space capturing many
elephants and zombies and chopping trees down into towers burning from
angry towering trees which became eggs wrapped in money because reasons
unknown and burning ducklings and Erickson9610 left quickly and met up
with DignifiedPeach except frantically someone used cocaine when tower
shrunk causing ugly units followed by dreadful items plummeting into the
marketplace to dance and glance towards the global warning happening
that causes melons to mellow marshmellows and transform them and then
suddenly propeller fish existed but they didn’t have guns and cars so
they’re useless but also overpowered and destroy cities with huge
nuclear spunk bubbles but sadly the noobs died when snipers were
spraying .vtf’s all over cars without towers and lunch ate people and
also trees but also bushes built from u poot that grow and insert coins
into slots which break physics like Issac Newton and he messed up time
once applesauce inhaled bees which hummed harmoniously while avacado’s
bakery burned in hell with fire while dolphins splash color with hammers
coated in blood colored gold but butts did nothing as long trains were
ending at the burger’s bun plaza when lunch strikes hunger strikes in
waves crashing down upon the hunger which imploded quite simply and then
something united towers with much nice robots in space with shoes
uncomplete lego shoelaces that unite protagonists through thick glass
dildo antagonists and suddenly Stanley came to and made some cookies
eating cookies whilst baking cookies with cookies and murdering many
dinosaurs with cookies contemplating cookies and cookies without
Mars-Bars towering over cookies with cookies methylisothiazolinonized so
cookies made methylchloroisothiazolinone stop muffins that
batrachophagous withheld a decent hentai girl and released
hardcore EnjoyCookies pulsating protagonist eating pussy towers of
cheese runtime potatoes while tomatoes exist under stars eating avocado
when Garfield met EmotionEngine but something licked Donald Trump while
a pokemon seized Mr. Sunabouzu ceased to please his little pet with his
silicone beer while playing Uno with atomic beer glasses and stabbed
bronies bees with pens assaulting pencils without protection from
babboons because Gaben created some games without VR issues, but without
satellites that worked, instead he touched HL3 with a concern that
really stupid people could complain about 30 frames per day on dial-up
connections running PootOS spycrab-software spencer weiners while
applying sause optimisations on BBQs hitler K.I.Z. the blue Danube ate a
spaghetti meatballs did stupid things while Iasagna was left alone to eat Spaghetti-Os from walmart, with mayonnaise and even more bees than mayonnaise suddenly, Gaben’s sale ruined his day by being very predictable in fact, the one time Gaben wrote something small he melted the cake into pizza, wich lied to all titties that were too extreme because guidelines against explicit content prevents nudity unless lines cover explicit content, hentai isn’t good unless Batman deded robin donuts dingle and tasty bells ran but Santa Claus is coming to town tonight, so the dead will rise with despair of wheels turning through their money staches into the upside up wormhole of doom, but the octopus celebrated Christmas with Foohy and our friend, that died who died alone near the north pole horifically by getting you drunk and inviting friends over necro mancy rituals but it is the nutshack from Frisco and minigolf was tremendous but bugs happened inside Altitude, because flying balls said to die inside and no fix that hole was worst choice in my bucket overall necromancy was imminent TO getting a bucket, full of cocks




KFC (it’s a legitimate word/acronym)














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