End Game

I’m not too sure where to start with this suggestion, but where does the game end. I’ve played GMT for a long time and i know there are all the customizations and such, but is there any plan too make some thing to really work towards. I know what i’m about to say is kinda lame, but I feel like the game is just too accessible. I know its not a final product yet, but still we have all these launchers and the monorail, but if i just get a jet pack it just seems like i don’t need a lot of the things that make the game interactive. could some thing like that be made to feel more like a privilege and not a right, you know some thing to work for cause iv’e played the game a lot and really invested my time.

You beat tower when the devs tell you that you have.

It’s an honorary thing.

Achievements and badges will fulfill this. We also have plans for more of an end goal to reach in Lobby involving some of the Plaza Events.


My body is ready for the stats/achievements update


I know, right? So fucking pumped for stats and milestones to finally make a return.


Badges are where it’s at. Earning XP will make everything feel more rewarding (even after catsacks take all of my earned units), and the things themselves will be super satisfying to collect and look at.