Enabling Voice Chat in Stores

If you can use voice chat at the store, it is convenient to explain what you want to buy.

You mean talking with the NPCs?

Why isn’t this already a thing? I can’t see any downside here.

I cannot listen to the voice chat while looking at the product.


I think this was a side-effect of Lobby 3, where they moved the shop product preview to a special out-of-bounds area (the one with the grey clouds and the lonely lamp) unlike Lobby 2 which had the product existing in the actual map.
I’d much rather have it the old way as it’s better lit, better represents the shop you’re buying from other than the GUI, and you can hear/see other people; that led to many great memories of running onto where the podium was and shooting confetti, the guy who was shopping just turned his head like “Wtf”