Enable Melon Payouts During Singleplayer Bonus Levels

Right now, singleplayer bonus levels don’t feel like a bonus at all. You only get 25 units each bonus level, besides GLXY where you can reach another level and get to it’s finish. I don’t see why melon payouts can’t be added to singleplayer bonus levels, as I would enjoy some good dosh earned faster.

Melon payouts are disabled in singleplayer mode anyway, so I’d rather just prefer having no bonus level in singleplayer instead. That way, there would be no farming, as intended, and there wouldn’t be wasted time waiting for the round to end. I guess you could just commit suicide three times instead, though.

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I prefer your idea better, even though I would still like some more dosh.

It’s an incentive to play with others.

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Actually there still is farming. The disabled payouts do not completely eliminate it, it just lowers its efficiency.

ask your steam friends if they want to play Ballrace with you or simply join the lobby server and ask in the chat.

Well, then why not just disable the bonus stage in singleplayer? It’s practically useless.


that makes sense. what about having a stage select in singleplayer? might be a neat feature.

agreed, having a melon payout cap on the bonus stages makes those stages pointless to play with friends, and also makes them pointless having them disabled when playing solo.