Enable jumping for the Infected

This may be a bit of a controversial suggestion but I think the Infected should be able to jump. Survivors should still not be able to.

Since the milestones came out I’ve been playing exclusively Virus and something I’ve noticed is that the Infected are a bit too underpowered in large, open areas, especially when there are small obstacles they can get stuck on. Jumping would give them a bigger move set other than spastically moving left and right, giving them more opportunities to outsmart the survivors, while not making them stronger in narrow corridors. Overall I think it would make the game much more balanced.

This could allow them to counter TNT by making a timed jump over it and jump over small obstacles like the chairs on Hospital or the barricades on Subway.
I think the maps are already designed so that a jumping Infected does not have an extremely unfair advantage and has only a few alternative paths.

An enraged Infected could get a bigger jump that would allow them to get through openings a Survivor would never have expected an Infected to come through (e.g. the side of the high ground on Overtime).

i think this is a good idea, but if it gets implemented

Let’s hope it doesn’t include bhop


The final nail in the coffin of burying the timesplitters influence. No crouching is already dead.
I see what brings this suggestion forth and I suppose I’m neutral as long as it can’t be used for anything cheap or gamebreaking (the maps currently aren’t designed with this in mind).


No matter what, Virus will always have that Timesplitters feel. I think it’s good to deviate from the original concept to make it more interesting, though.

I also can’t think of any map where the jumping could be a potential problem, the only maps with a fair bit of verticality are Solar and Desertation.
Solar has high ledges intended to be climbed with ladders, so it already seems fairly “jump-proof” and the only semi-unfair spot on Desertation are those planks over the long hallway. All the other maps are almost entirely flat and the jumping there would only help getting over small obstacles (hospital counter, chairs, barriers, etc.) and TNT.

Make it a mutator and make both partys jump-able

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That wouldn’t make sense since survivors could just get into spots where the infected can’t reach them.
You can shoot infected out of distant places but you can’t claw someone if you can’t reach them.

I also think it should be in the base gamemode, not a mutator. One main reason why I suggested this is to make Infected gameplay a bit more interesting, instead of constantly having to zig-zag around to dodge bullets and running into TNT.

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maybe only for infected then

I have a small feeling many Virus games will end quickly with this in mind. Maybe only give jump to enraged zombies?


I doubt that games will end any faster than they already do half of the time. Most games end because people stack in small areas and they let it snowball, the jump wouldn’t really help with that.

The last thing Virus needs is something special just for enraged infected. They’re already pretty strong and it is quite easy to infect someone once you’re enraged anyway. I feel like jumping would be quite wasted if it’s only put on them.

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I’ve been in plenty of games where they were able to fend off one enraged zombie plenty of times and not let it snowball to the crowd. I’ve only seen the snowball effect done 25% in my games.

Enraged zombies can get special as much as they want to at least have one person infected. Once that happens they just turn into a regular zombie. Enraged zombies exist so the one first infected can have a chance. If you have seen some of these games where they actually succeed in fending off the infected in an orderly fashion then you would probably see how jumping can completely change the game and ruin experiences for most people.

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I’m about 720k EXP in and I’m aware how games typically turn out but jumping isn’t going to magically make you faster or infect people more efficiently, it’s supposed to offer an alternative way to deal with map obstacles and TNT.

There’s a lot of camping in Virus and practically no element of surprise whatsoever because of the radar, all you can do is spastically run at the enemy and hope they miss their shot. Introducing another way to move towards the survivors sure is buffing the Infected but it’s not like they are any less vulnerable.

It is not going to be a game changer in many situations. Hell, it may even have the opposite effect because it’s easier to get shot while in the air.

I think you’re overestimating how useful it’s really going to be in most of the games you’re going to play.


I don’t get it. If the survivor can jump there, why would the infected not be able to. I’ve always thought it was bizarre that you can’t jump or crouch, since both are such a common feature in fps games. And I get that it’s because you couldn’t jump or crouch in Timesplitters but I never played Timesplitters and this isn’t even Timesplitters anyway, it’s Tower Unite. Plenty of other games have infected modes. It’s not like it’s exclusive to Timesplitters. I really do think that jumping and crouching should be added as standard features.

I’m going to back up a bit and say that no, in most cases it is harder to be shot while in the air. To be fair, I have no idea how jumping will actually work so maybe expand on that? I don’t know whether or not air strafing will be possible (god no) or how high you are actually thinking of. Could you expand on the factors you are thinking of?

Hm yeah, I didn’t think that through. I still don’t think survivors should be able to jump, though. The survivors have a setup time and can take their sweet time trying to get super complicated jumps e.g. onto a vending machine in subway and shoot every infected trying to get up there. If survivors are able to jump it quickly turns into a “who can find the most broken spot and camp there all game” type situation.

Infected have to be on the move, survivors don’t, which is why I think they should not have the ability to jump.

Think jumping in the plaza, enraged maybe twice as high.

It surely is nothing big but it would make playing Infected feel less like you’re supposed to let yourself explode five times before even getting close to someone. It gives you a bit more control, something other than trying to give the survivors migraines with your walking pattern. It’s still going to be hard as balls trying to jump over five TNT but at least you’re not forced to run into it.

Bhopping should not be a thing, we’ve seen how that turned out for LC, and air strafing is probably not as bad you imagine it.

Well then maybe handle that how Halo does it. Have the infected jump higher than the survivors. That way the infected could easily jump on top of the vending machines.

i mean i personally think having the infected jump gives them a lot more mobility and a lot more chance to dodge because whilst i’ve not played virus as much as others (i did play after the mechanics got changed) i didn’t ever have much fun at all playing infected just because there was nothing i could do but get shot repeatedly

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It’s just too easy to pour bullets down a hallway.