Enable/Disable Flashlight and Jetpack in Condos

Bascially, you know how you can edit Condo permissions, right? Well I feel you should add Enable/Disable Flashlight and Jetpacks. In the new Theater Condo, it is annoying to see the flashlights in the rooms. And it is also annoying to see people flying around blocking the screen. That’s all I gotta suggest for now!


Yeah at this point the jetpack seems to ruin all immersion for me. I want to build an parkour/obstacle course and it’s basically pointless when everybody that joins flies through the whole course. An option to disable the jetpack would be so much appreciated

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@Heavysteam I used the search tool and no jet packs came up… I searched them separately.

All kidding aside remember to click on “show more” in the search results since that will show all results with the word jetpack that has been posted in the category you are searching in.

[details=The page you are looking for looks like this]

And here is the thread in question


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I knew, I just made a spelling error when I checked.