Emission needs to be looked at

I’m not sure if I’m the only one but I find Emission to be a bit unplayable since release due to the edge collision situations where the ball goes for a curve, hits an invisible edge and bounces back to the start. Can the devs please take a look around in solving these collision errors or at least explain why it’s like this right now?


I find that a lot of the curves that look like they should move your ball in a certain way don’t do what you would expect which is extremely annoying :angry:

I must admit, this issue has aggravated me as much as it does everyone else, and to be quite frank, the issue is somewhat janky Unreal physics.

I’ve figured out a solution, but it basically involves me changing the barriers from being modular (as in, separate pieces) to a combined model for every hole. But that should hopefully improve the collisions. Perhaps I can try and squeeze that into the next patch.


My ball has actually gotten stuck inside walls sometimes on Emission.