Ello my name's Winap

I remember playing on Gmod Tower ages ago when the first lobby was still on then i left after a year or so i came back to check on Gmod Tower and found out that not only there’s a new lobby but also Pixeltail were making a standalone game similear to Gmod Tower as I was intrested i donated to Pixeltail and now im here exactly a month later (might be a bit to late to introduce myself as its been exactly a month since i have been on forums but why the hell not)

P.S im sorry for my spelling mistakes i made have made as English isn’t my native tongue (but i have been living in uk for 4 years)

Welcome to the Pixeltail Community Fourms!

Welcome to the forums, hope to see you on Tower Unite.

so wait, is your name

but yeah welcome to the forums :smile:

well the reason why its winap is because of that reason :smiley: but the reason being is , when i was a kid i couldn’t think of a nickname for my Runescape character so i randomly looked at the start i saw winamp as a kid i thought it sounded cool so i copied it off (except ofcourse i accidently misspelled it without realising) and because somebody already used the nickname i added an 8 to winap8 so yes technicly i am winamp (Dont tell anyone…) but ofcourse the m isnt there so dont go on and call me winamp (as many people actually do).

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RuneScape! Finally someone I can get nerdy with. :smiley_cat:
Welcome to the forums!

Yay Runescape Buddies (doe never actually managed to reach 99 on any of my skills which was my childhood dream…)

We should play together!

Ehh i used to be member on my old account but i dont have membership anymore so i dont have any bank space left…

Welcome aboard! Seems like we have quite the amount of old Runescape players here. :speedboat:

welcome back, My story is exactly like yours. Also lets checkout runescape. I still have 1 week membership token, sadly the damn “santa hat” went from 55m to 555m lol, my dream was to own it once. I am 70 average on most skills.

Welcome Friend, glad to have you again :smiley_cat: