I know you guys are great at Elevators (Elevator: Source anyone?) and they would make the condos so much better if we had them. Two, three story condos with customizable elevators, hell include soundcloud support for our own elevator music and let the fun times begin :smiley:

You’ve… actually played GMod Tower right?

… oh… mk den.

Why, what’s in Gmod Tower? Elevators?

hm? oh nothing… you just seem a little… uninformed.

Please enlighten me :open_mouth:

Just have a little browse around the forums first, you know.

Personally I thought it was a bit of a… silly suggestion… clears throat

My god, you don’t see the beauty if having your own elevator? Imagine the possibilities. private lounges, rooftop parties, everything and anything.

It would be so much fun :smiley:

No no no!
What I mean is… um…
Maybe in terms of how this whole condo building thing is going about I just personally thought it was silly…

Someone please help me out here.

I assumed it was where you can place furniture etc down and perhaps pay more for expansions? Even if its just real estate where you choose a preset model I’m sure high end condos will have elevators which we can set the music up for.

… ok

What is your idea of Condos then?

I don’t believe in suggestions, I’m waiting til’ realese.

I’m getting mixed messages.

Either way, devs this would make the condos so much better, please consider <3

Like elevators IN the condos? I don’t see why this couldn’t be possible. If it does happen it will likely be just a feature of the condo floor plan.

Seems like it would work fine to me. Though it also does seem like the condos are a little small for that kind of a thing. Not to mention we’ve never had rooftop access.

Why not? I am pretty sure the biggest reason as to why GMTower Condos don’t have elevators is because the Source Engine is being pushed to its absolute limits already, map and gamemode wise.

It would be incredibly awesome to have them

Unsure about this.

Elevator: Source was so amazingly fun because of the suspense between rooms and the surprise at what the rooms ended up showing. Unless this is to be replicated somehow in Tower Unite, I don’t see what the point of elevators is unless you’re saying no to individual instances and want everything loaded at once.

The latter option sounds great but ultimately it seems like it’ll lead to heavier graphical stress. I don’t know if we really want that.

No, it would be like a Source map; i.e the entire map is loaded with the elevator just moving the player from point a to point b in the same map. No additional loading of areas, just you, an elevator, jazzy music and a destination within your condo.