Elevator source tributary condo?

I want to make this Leave this Idea here so I am pretty sure pixeltail owns the elevator source mod so I was thinking that it could be a condo you could build up with multiple floors Heck it doesn’t have to be a condo it could be just an easter egg like I heard from this guy in the discord that said when you go up an elevator you go To somewhere completely different then where it should go on rare occasion

I like the idea of Elevator Source in TU but I think this would be better suited as a user-made thing. You can already do something like it with teleporters, but once Condo I/O comes out that’d unlock a whole lot more potential for something like this. Either that or an elevator item that would allow you to select floor locations and whether to display buttons or to make it random. That’d allow for more flexibility.


… How was I supposed to know that was a thing

I mean, if you go into the suggestions category there is one specifically for suggesting condos and it’s pinned at the top. ¯\(ツ)

search it up. if your making a suggestion please search up where to put it/ if someones else already has.