Editing terrain/terraforming

With how much smooth dirt is used and the potential it brings, I’d actually kind of dig a way to make mountains and such by editing terrain. I’m not sure how easy it would be to get it to work, but it’d open a lot of doors for condo creation.

Afaik this would be impossible without the devs creating a completely custom terrain system, because with UE4’s terrain/landscape system you can’t change or edit it during runtime. Maybe having more natural items like scalable grass blocks, sand blocks, more rock vareity, etc would help but I don’t think this is possible at the moment.


ah, i see. don’t know much about ue4, so didn’t know about that

so lmao just make a custom terrain/landscape system xDDD

this was a joke

I think a more approachable method would be that they create a “Plane” item (the geometrical kind, not an airplane) that’s also a canvas. On this plane, they create movable geometry either through sliders or a “Plane Tool”.

As far as TU standards are concerned, this could be a doable method. They already have live scaling and positioning abilities, the only difference here is they allow you to move specific “Bones” on a plane mesh.